The well-groomed feet is part of the beauty and healthy appearance, take time on the pedicure!
Our feet serve us through our life, we do not even deal with them. People did not realize how much attention should be paid to the health of their feet. At home, we cut our toes nails off, we do not even deal with calluses and other lesions, in turn, the foot care is important not only for aesthetic reasons but we can also prevent serious illnesses.
Depending on the condition of the feet to be treated, manual, mechanical or combined treatment is performed in our salon.

Treatment process

  • Visualization, determination of skin type, detection of exclusion factors
  • Soaking in emollient water with disinfecting soap
  • Removing calluses
  • Formatting and cutting of nails
  • On demand, nail polish (conventional, gel lack or Shellac)
  • Apply active cream to the end of the treatment
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