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The hand is one of the tools of self-expression,
it tells a lot about its owner.


Good manicure helps to make our hands perfect. In this manner, we can show our high standards and our self-confidence
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Traditional manicure treatment begins with the cleaning and disinfection of hands. First, the soaking in water helps to soften the skin around the nails. Then adjusting the shape of the nails with scissors or files. Finally lifting and cutting off the unnecessary skin around the nails and using oil in the cuticle


The French manicure does not mean french nail polish. First cleaning and disinfection of hands, then softening the skin of the nails with a cuticle solvent liquid and adjusting the shape of the nails. Finally cutting off the unnecessary skin around the nails and using oil in the cuticle


The Japanese Manicure returns the nature-given beauty and shine of the nails and promotes healthy nail growth. Following a French or traditional manicure, the nail will be treated with beeswax.

The beeswax helps the nails to be strengthened and its color is widened as the wax essentially fills the nail material so that it is smoother and evener. Fixed with Talcum powder, which is intended for nail closure, nail protection, and polishing.
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The skin of our hand may become dry, thinner or sensitive by the daily usage. These problems can be treated by paraffinic care.

After disinfection, the hands are rubbed with scrub, rinsed and then applied to the active cream. Then putting both hands in warm paraffin, putting the hands in nylon and cotton gloves for a quarter of an hour. Nursing materials and medicinal creams can be better absorbed in the enlarged pores by the warmth. After treatment with paraffin, our hands become soft and velvety.

CNDTM ShellacTM and Creative PlayTM Gel polish

Since its foundation in 1979, the California-based CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.) has become an international leader in professional nail, hands and foot care with its many branded products. As a deeply dedicated expert in nail care, CND devotes considerable time and resources to product research, development and vocational training.

Both the ShellacTM and the CreativePlayTM Gel polish have a huge advantage: they can be removed without filing, so there will be no damage to the natural nails. The end result is a durable, light-colored nail for at least 14 days.

Key features of CNDTM ShellacTM

  • ShellacTM is simple as varnishing
  • Durable as the best UV gels
  • Removal does not damage natural nails
  • Does not change the original nail quality
  • Can be removed in minutes without filing

Key Features of the Creative PlayTM Gellack

  • No rasping, no natural nail damage
  • All layers can be released
  • High gloss, lasting for weeks
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Intensive colors